Pangi Gita - Dining Room Set


Our experienced in-house chef is at your service to prepare delicious home-style meals throughout the day. Villa Pangi Gita offers a suggestion menu featuring a wide variety of Asian and international dishes to cater to all tastes, with an excellent selection of vegetarian options. 

Enjoying a fresh fruit juice and delicious cooked breakfast as the morning sun lights up Pangi Gita's enchanting garden, is a great way to start your day. And be sure to sample some of the local Balinese delicacies such as pepes ikan (fish wrapped in banana leaf) or babi guling (suckling pig) during your stay. If you have specific requests, the chef is more than happy to tailor meals accordingly and accommodate any special dietary requirements. 

Groceries and beverages are charged at cost price plus 20% ++ handling fee. You will be requested to provide grocery money in advance, and the staff will do the shopping and keep the receipts for reference. To make the most of the kitchen and give staff time to shop, it is a good idea to plan meals the evening before.

Pangi Gita - kitchen
Pangi Gita - Experienced Chef
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